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Mysore Pak, The Prince Of Sweets

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Posted on April 13 2023

When we think of the legendary sweets and desserts originated from India, the mysore pak easily ranks amongst the top 10. This sweet delicacy originating from the royal city of Mysore is can easily be termed as the Prince of Indian Sweets. The Mysore Pak originated in the royal kitchens of the Mysore Palace during the reign of the Wadiyar dynasty. It is a delicious and rich dessert that is enjoyed by people all over Karnataka and has become an iconic delicacy of the state. 

In this article, we will explore the history, ingredients, making process, best places to find Mysore Pak, and interesting facts about this irresistible sweet.

Mysore Pak was first made in the royal kitchens of the Mysore Palace in the 19th century by a palace cook named Kakasura Madappa. He was tasked with creating a sweet for the King's feast and came up with this delicious concoction that was an instant hit. The sweet dish was originally called "Mysore Pakada" and was made by mixing gram flour, ghee, and sugar syrup. Since then, Mysore Pak has become an integral part of Karnataka's culinary heritage.

Mysore Pak is not just a dessert, but it holds a significant cultural and historical value in Karnataka. It is an integral part of the state's culinary tradition and is enjoyed on various occasions, festivals, and weddings. The popularity of Mysore Pak has transcended state borders and has become a famous sweet dish all over India. It has become so popular that there are several shops dedicated solely to selling Mysore Pak in Karnataka.

Mysore Pak is a sweet dish made of gram flour, ghee, and sugar syrup. It has a soft and crumbly texture and is known for its rich and nutty flavor. The dessert is usually cut into diamond-shaped or rectangular pieces and is served as a dessert or as a snack.

The traditional recipe of Mysore Pak requires only three ingredients - gram flour, ghee, and sugar syrup. Some variations include the addition of milk or rava (semolina) to the mixture.

The gram flour is roasted in ghee until it turns golden brown, and then the sugar syrup is added to it. The mixture is cooked until it thickens and then poured into a tray to cool and solidify. 

Over time, several variations of Mysore Pak have been developed, such as Chocolate Mysore Pak, Rava Mysore Pak, Milk Mysore Pak, Dry Fruit Mysore Pak, and Coconut Mysore Pak.

These variations add different flavors and textures to the traditional recipe of Mysore Pak.

Step-by-step process of making Mysore Pak

  1. Heat ghee in a pan and add gram flour to it.
  2. Roast the gram flour until it turns golden brown and gives off a nutty aroma.
  3. In a separate pan, heat sugar and water until the sugar dissolves completely.
  4. Slowly pour the sugar syrup into the roasted gram flour, stirring continuously.
  5. Cook the mixture on low heat until it thickens and starts to leave the sides of the pan.
  6. Pour the mixture into a greased tray and let it cool.
  7. Cut the cooled Mysore Pak into desired shapes and serve.
  • Tips for making perfect Mysore Pak

To make perfect Mysore Pak, it is important to use good quality ingredients and follow the recipe precisely. The ratio of gram flour, ghee, and sugar syrup should be maintained to get the desired texture and flavor. It is also important to stir the mixture continuously while cooking to avoid lumps.

  • Common mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes while making Mysore Pak include overcooking or undercooking the mixture, not stirring the mixture continuously, using low-quality ingredients, and not cooling the mixture properly. Overcooking the mixture can make it too hard and difficult to cut and undercooking the mixture can make it too soft and crumbly. Be generous with ghee when making mysore pak, remember that that this delicacy was made for the royals so be generous, more so not using enough ghee can result in a dry and flavorless Mysore Pak.

  • Where to Find the Best Mysore Pak in Karnataka

Mysore Pak is widely available all across India and has its own variation when you go from state to state.  To taste the authentic mysore pak made with pure ingredients one must visit mysore. There are many places in mysore that make this authentic sweet, we have handpicked a few 4 places to find the best mysore pak. 

  • Famous Mysore Pak shops in Karnataka

Our top picks from customer reviews, taste and vintage of the brands are, Guru Sweet Mart, Sri Krishna Sweets, Nanjangud Iyengar's Bakery and the famous Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets. These shops have been serving delicious Mysore Pak for decades and are popular among locals and tourists alike.


Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets, is one of the most preferred places to buy mysore pak in mysore. Since its origin in 1991, Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets has been one of the most popular sweet brand in mysore and bangalore for traditional and authentic sweets, namkeen and dry fruits. The 32 year old brand has such a loyal following that kids have grown up eating sweets and savouries chruned out by Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets. Today the brand has 30+ outlets all across mysore and bangalore. 

Mysore Pak is not just a sweet but a cultural icon of Karnataka that should not be missed. So, if you haven't tried it yet, make sure to add it to your list of must-try sweets.

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